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Miller County Business District Elections

MIller County Advisory Board 2022 Election Procedures

The Business District of Miller County is accepting nominations to fill the following seats:
One (1) unexpired Miller Small Seat (1-50 units) that expires in March 2023.
One (1) unexpired Miller Medium Seat (51-299 units) that expires in March 2023.
One (1) Miller Small Seat (1-50 units) that expires in March 2025.
One (1) Miller Medium Campground Seat (51-299 sites/units) that expires in March 2025.

Nomination forms will be mailed to the Miller County Business District lodging properties that are collecting and remitting lodging tax in their designated county and category on February 7th. Nomination forms are due back to the Business District by the close of business on February 18th.

All nominated candidates will be contacted via email to confirm they are interested in serving on the advisory board and accept (or decline) the nomination.

Voting information with the nominated candidates’ names as well as property names, will be mailed to the Miller County Business District lodging properties that are collecting and remitting lodging tax on February 22nd. In-person voting instructions as well as absentee voting information will be included in this document.

Miller County in-person voting will take place at the Miller County Business District Annual Meeting on Thursday, March 24th from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM. The annual meeting will take place at The Lodge at Port Arrowhead located at 3080 Bagnell Dam Blvd., Lake Ozark.

Miller County absentee voting will take place at the Miller County Clerk’s Office located at 2001 MO-52, Tuscumbia. Absentee voting shall take place during the office hours of the Clerk’s Office, Monday through Friday from March 1st  through close of business on Tuesday, March 22nd.

The MIller County County Clerk’s Office will provide election judges to handle the in-person voting, tallying of the votes, and delivering of the absentee ballots from the Miller County Clerk’s Office.

Eligible candidates and voters are verified with the current lodging tax collection report provided by the Miller County Collector. ID will be required by all voters to verify against the lodging tax collection report.

Property Managers shall be required to produce the following: 1.) A list of the properties managed in MIller County with addresses. 2). A copy of a contract, contract addendum or notarized authorization letter acknowledging that the property manager is authorized to vote on their behalf. This document must contain the name of the unit owner and the address to cross reference to the above-mentioned list. All documents must be left with ballots the day votes are cast.

Property Manager Vote:
The Tri-County Lodging Association Board of Directors had previously sought legal clarification for the voting procedures for those that manage vacation rental property for overnight rentals. The following is an explanation of this procedure:

If a property management company manages 100 houses/condos in Camden, Miller, or Morgan County, within the boundaries of the respective Lake of the Ozark Area Business Districts, the property manager, WITH permission from the home/condo owner, may vote in their place. A property manager with 100 properties (Each home/condo is an individual business as the owner is technically responsible for the lodging taxes to be remitted) could potentially cast 100 votes in the small category of the appropriate Business District. Said property manager would be required to provide legal proof that they have this permission or have this in their management contract and produce same. Legal counsel offered the following verbiage as an example of the home/condo owner’s permission to vote in their place:

  1. A signed statement by the property owner “I authorize ____ to vote on behalf of _____.”

  2. A verified statement by the property manager “I, _____, do hereby swear and attest under penalty of perjury, that I am authorized to vote on behalf of ______.”


Any questions on the election process should be directed to the Business District in which you collect and remit lodging tax.

Lake of the Ozarks Business District of Miller County

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