TCLA Lodging Tax Information/Annual Budget

Lake of the Ozarks TCLA Fiscal Year 2020 Budget - Download

This page will attempt to simplify the flow of money from Lake of the Ozarks Area Business Districts of Camden, Miller and Morgan Counties through the Tri-County Lodging Association (TCLA).  The following income and expense dollar amounts reflect the approved Fiscal Year 2020 (July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020) annual TCLA budget.

The Tri-County Lodging Association has three sources of revenue.  Foremost, is the accommodations tax that accommodation facility owners collect from their guests and remit to their respective County Collector.  The three County Collectors retain 2% of the amounts remitted as a collection service fee.  The elected Lake of the Ozarks Area Business District of Camden, Miller and Morgan County Advisory Board Members, appropriate funds for the annual TCLA Fiscal Year 2019/2020 Budget.  Secondly, TCLA's designation by the Missouri Division of Tourism as the official “Designated Marketing Organization” for the Lake of the Ozarks area, qualifies TCLA to apply for matching Cooperative Marketing Funds available from the Missouri Division of Tourism, for advertising in pre-approved markets and for pre-approved media sources.  Thirdly, TCLA is pleased to financially partner with the Camden and Miller County Commissions as well as the City of Osage Beach Board of Alderman, for promotional funding toward the Fiscal Year 2020 TCLA Annual budget.

The budget is established annually by the Lake of the Ozarks Area Business District of Camden, Miller and Morgan Counties Advisory Board members.  By law, the Advisory Board members must develop a comprehensive marketing plan to meet the needs of all sizes and types of accommodation businesses within the three Business Districts.

The major expenditure is advertising including magazines, newspapers, television, radio, web site development, search engine optimization, static and video retargeting campaigns, amplified story campaigns and website distribution, digital billboard advertising, special events and festivals, mobile web sites, exhibiting at 12-14 Sport & Travel Shows, vacation guide fulfillment, postage and distribution.  Administration is the everyday responsibility of insurance, utilities, wages, and Advisory Board liability insurance.  The Public Relations component creates and distributes press releases, travel tips, newsletters, hosts editors and writers on familiarization trips and contact publishers and travel writers for travel articles.  Group Sales is listed separately from advertising even though the purpose and end result is nearly the same as advertising and marketing.  This Group Sales expenses include a Director of Sales and Group Sales manager to attend trade shows, contact meeting planners, provide incentives for groups and conventions to meet at the Lake and initiate and distribute group, convention and reunion leads for Lake-area accommodation facility owners.  Professional Services include the necessary legal, accounting, auditing, annual media research and governmental lobbyist services.  The Tri-County Lodging Association initiates research components for a substantial part of the annual advertising campaigns to assure the most efficient use and the highest return-on-investment for every advertising dollar.

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